Etna Baptist Church has been bringing the gospel message and serving the needs of Pedro, Ohio since 1960. Our purpose is to bring people to Jesus Christ, connect them with other Christians, develop them into His image and equip them for ministry in the local church, that they may bring glory and honor to God. We do this through a variety of ministries. Etna Baptist Church is a very active church both with our children and adults. There’s a place for everyone to be involved in the body of Christ. We realize that to get the work done and to build the church we must have everyone doing his or her part.

Youth Group

We take our children very serious and we have a multitude of activities that not only build them spiritually, but also build their character getting them ready to be the leaders for the church of today and tomorrow. Here’s a list of a few of those activities: Christmas Caroling, Skating, Pottery Class, Overnight Camp Outs, Church Sleepover, Christmas Lights at the Park, Christmas Play and Puppet Ministry just to name a few.

Family, Fun & Fellowship

As a church we try to do activities that strengthen the whole family. For example: Road Trips – Creation Museum, the Ark Encounter along with Family Game Night and Couples Retreat (Gatlinburg TN) along with Holiday Excursions. We also have Ice Cream Socials, Outside Services (singing & preaching), Corn Hole Tournaments, Special Dinners.

Community Events

The one thing that our church is big on is recognizing all those who have served us in the past and in the present when it comes to our Veterans and First Responders. Every few years we take the whole day to recognize them for all that they do and the sacrifices that they have made on our behalf. We have special singing, a video, preaching and it is followed up with a time of recognition of each of our Veterans and/or First Responders. Then lunch is provided for each of them where they are our honored guests.

Within Arms Reach

This is a ministry where we put together personal gift baskets for our local nursing home. These folks have needs and may not be having those needs met because many do not have family or they may not able to afford certain care items. So we go in at Christmas time and sing and deliver the baskets.

Fellowship Tract League

This is probably one of our church’s favorite outings and ministries, because it allows the whole church to be involved. Since we have been going to the Fellowship Tract League and boxing up tracts, we have boxed up 5.3 million tracts. Those tracts are then sent for free to pastors and churches around the world. It is possible in some countries that 1 tract might go through several hands, which means that we have had the opportunity to reach millions of people for Christ. Our church is all about reaching folks locally in our area and around the world. If you want a church that’s busy with ministry, then we might be the church for you.

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